The Desert – A Creative Story

A creative story by an ACT 2nd grader

In a desert, at 8:30 A.m., Bob heard hissing rattlesnakes and saw spitting camels.  He asked John if the scared animals were in trouble.  John screamed, “We’re getting attacked by rattling rattlesnakes!”  They threw hot, steaming coffee at the rattlesnakes.  The coffee was as hot as the sun, but the vicious snakes were not persuaded to go back. 

There was only one thing that the snakes did not like, and that was the Crystal Light Medallion. 

Bob and John knew that the map to the Crystal Light Medallion was buried deep in the snakes’ pit.  John and Bob were very, very lucky.  All of the snakes came to attack them here.  They ran like the wind and got to the snakes’ cave before the snakes did.  They found the map, but a greater horror awaited them.  The snakes were above them and they didn’t know how to get out of the pit.

They saw loose rocks next to them, and they threw the rocks out of the way to find a tunnel.  They jumped into the tunnel just as the snakes were coming into the pit!  John had a flashlight and looked at the map.  The Crystal Light Medallion was deep in the tunnel.

Then, miraculously, they heard a loud scream from the far end of the tunnel.  Abraham, their friend, was about to be eaten by a sand monster!  One thousand snakes were behind them, slithering to eat them.  Abraham, John and Bob were standing back-to-back, facing the snakes and the sand monster.  They leaned against the tunnel wall and it pivoted.  They ran through, and found the other half of the map to find the Crystal Light Medallion.  They were astonished at where it was.  The Crystal Light medallion was under their coffee truck!   The only problem was, there were no doors in this place.

They leaned against every wall, but they did not move.  They ran to the place they came from and the sand monster was right in front of them.  The snakes were scared and slithered out.  Bob took his pocket knife and stabbed the sand monster in the heart. 

The sand monster was dead.

They ran out of the pit before the snakes got them.  Abraham, Bob and John found the Crystal Light Medallion under the coffee truck.  The crystal Light Medallion was as shiny as a hundred million pearls.  When they grabbed the Crystal Light Medallion, the snakes crawled away. 

Then, Bob, John and Abraham, the brothers, went home feeling exhausted, but safe, because they had the Crystal Light Medallion.


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