ACT Programs

Little Learners

(Young children ages 12 months to 3 years)

Treatment focuses on behavior management, improving attentional regulation, and developing foundational skills across developmental domains, and in particular:

Social and Emotional
Cognitive and Pre-Academic
School Readiness
Fine and Gross Motor

Ready Learners

(Children ages 4 years through 12 years)

Treatment focuses on using comprehensive and individualized programs to build on foundational skills across domains and establish:

Independence in home, school and community settings
Skills necessary to initiate and maintain meaningful social relationships

Life Learners

(Ages 13 years through 22+ years)

Treatment focuses on further developing skills to support:

Independence and success at home, school and in the community
Each person’s individual future goals, from independent living to having a job and attending college
Complex social communication
Job Success
Executive Functioning (planning, organizing, and managing)

What They Say

“Dr. Aimee Anderson provided an excellent service to several children in my classroom. I felt I could better serve my students by communicating with Dr. Anderson on a routine basis. She empowered me as a teacher to feel more informed and confident when dealing with autistic children.”

Mrs. Raja Padhi